Whole Lotta Love!

Visiting Day is fast approaching! You’ve got your lists, you’re checking them twice, but remember, the most important thing you can bring your camper is a whole lotta love.

Visiting Day is short and sweet. Truth is, campers are ready to get on to the next activity. Camp only gets better!

MTV Night, Color War, Sr/HiSr Trips, 5K, Mud Run, USTA Tennis Invitational, Powder Puff Football, Zeusical The Musical, Pine Fest, the list goes on!

Here are some tips…Remember to walk, not run!

Visiting Day Rules

– No pets. 
– No nuts. You know why.
– Not too much food. We love friends, but not the furry kind in the bunks.
– No counselor gratuities. A handshake and a good ol’ fashioned ‘Thank You’ goes a long way.
– No bunk gifts. Campers have enough gear, no need to buy more stuff!
– Camper cell phones will not be returned on Visiting Day. Sorry, they’ll get them on the buses home.
– Dining Room will not open until 11:30am on Visiting Day. No reservations. The Dining Hall is not listed on OpenTable.com

What you can bring!

– Love
– Smiles
– Sunshine
– A taste of Grandmom’s homemade apple cake.

Looking forward to seeing everyone “Up where the Sky Begins” at Pine Forest Camp!