85th Anniversary Celebration

What a glorious weekend of fun, friendship and memories as PFC celebrated its 85th season. Former campers and counselors arrived on a beautiful fall weekend. Over 150 alumni from as far away as California, Colorado, and Florida sang a rousing chorus of the old camp welcome song, “We Welcome you to Pine Forest” when they were greeted by 4 generations of the 5 generation Black Family.  Many dignitaries were in the crowd including several former head counselors. An especially warm welcome was extended to legendary Head Chef “Sparky” McIver’s daughter and granddaughter who were in attendance.

Activities were in full swing all afternoon with a pick up “A” game at Chadwin Court and arts and crafts featuring old-school tie dye and lanyard-making. Camp legend, Nafis ran alum through the ropes course and canoes were all out on Lake Greeley. Some alum even made a nostalgic trip out to Blueberry Island.  A highlight of the weekend was the 85th season mural, created by Steven Charny. Almost everyone in attendance helped paint a part of it.

But it seemed like the most popular thing to do was relax with camp friends, smell the pines, listen to the acorns fall on bunk roofs, and recount stories from the past.

Late in the afternoon, everyone gathered at the corner of Route 6 and Pine Forest Camp Rd. to dedicate the red barn to PFC’s beloved Ricky Charny, a very special former camper, counselor, division leader, Color War leader, camp parent and all around, life-long PFC enthusiast.

Next, the group went back to camp just in time for line-up at the girls flagpole led by Lee Forest Black, with jokes by Lisa Sherman Fayne. Line-up was followed by a delicious dinner in the “new” dining room.

At night, everyone gathered under the stars for a campfire on Mitchell Field. Uncle Marv regaled everyone with his stories from the history of Pine Forest and we sang those classic camp songs that still resonate. And ahh, the taste of s’mores!  Later, there was an “after party” with dancing to the classic sounds of a “Purple Haze” style DJ.  Old bunkmates talked late, late into the night, even after curfew.

Thank you to each and every camper and counselor who attended and to those who could not but sent their many good wishes and support. Pine Forest is many things but most of all it is about the timeless bonds of friendship. May the happiness, joy, and adventure that it has brought thousands of campers and counselors for 85 seasons go on for the next 85. “Friends, friends, friends, we will always be…”

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Official Charn-Barn Dedication at 85th Anniversary Celebration


Last week, the Hoops guys, camp friends from the 1970s and 1980s at PFC, quietly dedicated the red barn at the entrance to camp in memory of their dear friend Ricky Charny who passed away this year. They installed a small metal plaque that reads:

“In brightest day, in blackest night
No evil shall escape my sight

Let those who worship evil’s might
Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light.

Beam on.”

Rick would chant these words while on OD at camp and then turn on his flashlight to surprise campers and counselors to their delight and to his.

Rick Charny was a bright light for anyone who knew him and he will forever be a beacon of goodness, courage and joy at Pine Forest and in our hearts.

Join us on the 85th Anniversary Weekend when we “officially” dedicate the red barn in his memory.

Sounds of Summer


Hi, From Camp!

There are lots of sounds that make me happy- great music, the songs of birds in the morning, the crackle of a campfire at night. But there’s one sound that we hear only once each year and it fills us with joy, excitement and anticipation.

Last week, Barbara and I went up to Greeley (the temperature was down into the 30s at night!) to open the doors for our first guests of the season. Not our regular PFC campers just yet! It was the Spence School from NYC, whose students and teachers arrived for a few days of team building and discovery at Pine Forest.

When we walked into the dining room for the first meal of the season (PFC Chef Dave Lang’s special BBQ chicken), we heard it. The sounds of children back at camp. Oh, what a happy sound! Laughter, cheers, applause. That’s what we look forward to and work towards all year long. They may not be our “true campers” who arrive on June 27th, but after a long winter, Pine Forest has come alive with the sound of children having fun. And that’s the best sound of all.

Come Meet Us This Summer!


Choosing the right camp for your child is not an easy task.  That’s why Pine Forest offers several options to help ease the transition to sleepaway camp, by actually allowing your child to experience a taste of Pine Forest first-hand.

There are a few great ways to get to know us.

Our Explorer Weekend is the ultimate experience for future Pine Forest campers.  The weekend is designed to provide all the fun and excitement that our campers love, while giving future campers an opportunity to start making connections that will help in their transition to a longer stay at camp.  Explorer campers will experience a full camp schedule including boating at the lake, climbing our adventure course, creating a special project in arts and crafts, games with our athletic director, participating in evening programs, making s’mores at a campfire, and then sleeping in a real cabin – WOW!!

A Play Day has all the wonderful aspects of our Explorer Weekend without the sleepover.

The last way a future Pine Forest camper can experience camp is on a tour. On a tour, you will spend time with our directors and have an opportunity to meet campers and staff and, most importantly, feel the excitement and warmth of Pine Forest Camp.

Enrollment in our programs are limited, so check out your summer calendar and come meet us this summer in Greeley, PA!

Unsure if camp is right for your child? Check out this Parents Magazine blog post written by a Pine Forest parent!