Now We’re Cookin’!


TOP Cooks began their culinary adventures today with a visit and demonstration by local baker, Marcia Dunsmore. Marcia provides homemade, hand-crafted bread to all of the finest restaurants and gourmet shops in Northeastern PA. Campers really enjoyed diving into dough-making with her guidance.

We had a few more showers in Greeley today, but that didn’t stop the action around camp. We had an intensive soccer clinic for boys and girls, basketball leagues in Hughie Hall, and boys 13 and under hoops practice. We also had sign-ups for the Marvin Black USTA tennis tournament (just in time for Wimbledon across the pond).

Chad unveiled the new “competitive choice” program, where campers who want even more team sports can choose extra play time. Now there are leagues, Intercamps and the all new, competitive choice. Whew! That’s a lot! And it’s not even dinner time yet!

Speaking of dinner, the campers aren’t aware of this before going to print, but there are onion rings on the menu tonight! Oh, and chicken patties, turkey burgers, AND kasha and bowties. Did we mention homemade marshmallow dream bars for dessert? BEST. DINNER. EVER.