Dueling Campfires!

There’s nothing like a campfire.

And last night there were two of them that filled the night with song and cheer.

The Junior boys visited Uncle Marvin Black, celebrating his 81st summer at Pine Forest. He told them stories that dated back to the beginning of camp and taught them a Native American rain chant and dance. Uncle Marv led the Juniors in a dance around the campfire while they sang “Wa Ta Ho!” (And believe it or not, you could feel a few drops of rain!)  Then the campers went inside to see Uncle Marv’s his antique sports collection including tennis racquets  dating back to wooden and metal ones from the 60’s and 70’s. Uncle Marv also showed the Juniors  the original Pine Forest telephone. It has a crank handle and was a party line back in the day. It was the one and only telephone in camp for many years. No cell phones? The campers were amazed!

And over the trees you could hear the beautiful sounds of the all –girls’ campfire. The Hi –Seniors taught the younger girls all of the traditional Pine forest songs, the Alma Mater, “When Lights are Low…” and “High in the Mountains”. After the singing and storytelling, counselors talked about the importance of being a good friend, a considerate bunkmate, and an important part of the camp family. The message was to think about others and not just oneself. Every girl left with a special bracelet as a remembrance of that special night.

We’ll keep the spirit and the magic of those campfires alive forever.


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