Cupcakes, Waterfalls and Clean Towels

Have we really only been here for 3 full days?! Our day started with the big CA send-off. Maui-bound, baby! The weather held out for us this morning for some Wibit action at the lake, an optional rest hour soccer clinic and a Junior girls hiking trip through Dingmans and Raymondskill Falls. Our other Junior girls loved playing basketball on Chadwin Court with Chad, a true PFC legend. We brought our second group of water-skiers to Lake Wallenpaupack and we’ll be bringing 3 boats of campers almost every day for the rest of the summer! We’ve been hearing a lot of singing around camp and it’s not just from the music playing at today’s well-attended hip hop dance class!

We kicked off the summer 2016 TOP Cooks program with cupcake decorating and boy was the result impressive! We think we have some future “cake bosses” on our hands. They’re even making their own recipe book so that they can recreate their masterpieces with their families at home!

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the big Junior camp announcement. We are now implementing a towel service pilot program for Junior camp! No more soaking wet lake towels on the clotheslines in Junior camp. We’ll be providing clean, dry towels to our Juniors at the pool and lake and we have a feeling our Seniors will be right behind them. PFC 2016: newer, cleaner, BETTER!

Tomorrow’s big reveal? A new activity that we think would look great on the game deck.

13439071_10153684857222944_2612495346072780748_n                                                             Aloha, CAs!