Hi, camp families! We hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend. Before we tell you about our exciting day, we have to give a shout out to girls’ camp who had their big sisters meet their little sisters last night. After a series of secret clues, big sisters were revealed and the girls got to make friendship bracelets and eat celebratory cake together! They also got to practice our new all camp dance to an original PFC song! We’ll be sure to take a video!

Today was an especially eventful day at PFC that started with an outdoor breakfast! We had campers practicing for the 5K Camper Scamper, held a climbing competition, had other camps come for an Intercamp basketball tournament (our 13 and under team won!), had USTA practice…the list goes on! Don’t worry, parents – we assure you that your campers are staying active! Oh, and the mac and cheese? HUGE hit.

Tomorrow will be one of those most exciting days of the summer! We can’t wait to tell you all about our 4th of July traditions in tomorrow’s post! Another thing to look forward to tomorrow is the big debut of our weekly bunk newsletters!! Each bunk has its own newsletter that will be distributed to you weekly through your CampInTouch account. That’s right, straight from the front porch of your child’s cabin to your screen. You’ll find them in the forms section of your parent portal, labeled by bunk. Awesome! Our campers had a lot of fun with these and we hope you will too.