CA Costa Rica has landed, College Day takes off!

   As if the rope burning weren’t exciting enough to kick off College Day
2014, just as the flames shot high into the night, a big coach bus pulled
into camp by the boys pool and out jumped our 11th graders back from the
trip of a lifetime. High fives, cheers and hugs as they landed back at PFC
with stories to tell and hearts full of good cheer. They had brought the
magic of camp to children who needed it in a far away land. Ambassadors
from Greeley, USA to the world. They made us proud. And they walked with a
little more  confidence in their steps than when they left, two weeks ago.

   Back to the excitement of College Day, after a majestic opening
ceremony with flaming torches, flags, costumes and cheers it was a day
full of rivalry. Long distance runs, relays races, swim meets and more.
Duke! Syracuse! Penn State! Pitt! Everyone giving that old college try!
Tonight the winning team will be announced, then it’s back to elementary
and middle school.