An Update From Maui!

We’re off to a great start! Our campers have started a day camp for local islanders, and the program is growing each day! Local children have been having a blast with our campers, and fast favorites at their day camp have become slip n sliding and dodge ball. Our campers have been awesome counselors so far.  They’re expecting local camper numbers to grow from 25 to almost 50!

In addition to servicing locals through our day camp, we’ve also been working at a nearby farm.  This local Taro farm has a deep history and is a fourth generation farm (Just like camp!).  Years ago, the king ordered his people to carry dirt by baskets and mules to the peninsula to create the Taro patches.  Our campers shared in this tradition by clearing the patches and helping to ensure the Taro will be ready for an upcoming festival.  It’s been great learning about the culture and agriculture on the island, and meeting and working with native Hawaiians has been a highlight of our trip so far.

The next few days will bring beach adventures and zip lining for our campers . We will send updates soon!

Remember, you can view photos of the trip via the photo section of your CampMinder account. Each camp has its own Hawaii folder!