Pine Forest Camp – Fall Events!


Open House

Sunday, October 18th, 2015 5:00PM-7:00PM

Melville, NY

Call the office for more information!


2015 Camper Reunion

Sunday, November 1st, 2015 10:00AM-12:00PM

The Funplex

Mt. Laurel, NJ


Camp Reunion/Get Together
Sunday, November 8, 2015 11:00AM-1:00PM
Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant
128 S. Federal Hwy
Dania Beach, FL

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Open House

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 11:00AM-1:00PM

Blue Bell, PA

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Bowling in Philadelphia!

Saturday, January 9th, 2016 1:00PM-3:00PM

Devon Lanes

300 West Lancaster Ave.

Devon, PA

New and Prospective Camper Party!


Chelsea Piers Fun

Sunday, January 10th, 2016 1:30PM-3:30PM

The Field House at Chelsea Piers: Pier 62

New York, NY

New and Prospective Camper Party!


New Camper Weekend at Camp!

Saturday, June 4th-Sunday, June 5th, 2016

Greeley, PA


85th Reunion Weekend!

Please join us to celebrate Pine Forest’s 85th summer on the weekend of  September 26-27. Sign up HERE to RSVP.  You can stay overnight in a bunk or  just come for the day.  Bring your bunkmates or your family!

All proceeds from the weekend will go towards the non-profit  Hughie and Selma Black Foundation. And on Saturday there will be a reception and dedication of the red barn to our beloved alum Ricky Charny.

Below is a sample schedule for the weekend, with more information to follow.  If you’re interested in getting involved and helping to plan the festivities, please let us know at .  We hope to see you in September 26-27th “Up Where the Sky Begins!”

All ages and every generation is welcome!

Don’t forget to join our Pine Forest Camp Alumni Facebook Group!  Feel free to post photos and other PFC memories!


Saturday September 26th:

12:00-2:00PM Welcome Barbecue Lunch
2:00-4:00PM  A-Game, pick- up basketball game for all ages at Chadwin Court
A-Game Volleyball for all ages at Milestone Courts
Arts and Crafts featuring vintage, retro lanyard making (real gimp!), tie-dying and macramé
3:00PM Canoe trip to Blueberry Island from the PFC beach
3:00PM & 4:00PM  Yoga classes
5:00PM Reception and dedication of The Red Barn to Ricky Charny
6:20PM Line-up for dinner at girl’s flagpole
6:30PM Dinner featuring Sparky’s favorite dishes
8:30PM Campfire with stories and songs (bring your favorites to share)
9:30PM Wine and Cheese party and Senior/HI –Senior “Social” to the sounds of “Purple Haze” style DJ

Sunday, September 27th:

8:00AM Early morning walk down the nature trail
Yoga wake up class
9:00AM  Inspection
9:00AM – 11:00PM  Bus rehearsal and farewell brunch
All courts and fields open all day!

See you soon in Greeley, PA!

Pine Forest Camp
185 Pine Forest Rd.
Greeley, PA 18425

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Save the Date: 2015 Reunion!

Was 3 days away from camp friends as hard for you as it was for us? Then we have some good news! The countdown is on (74 days!) for our summer 2015 reunion!

When: Sunday, November 1, 2015
Where: The Funplex in Mount Laurel, New Jersey
Why: Because we miss our camp friends!
How: Information on transportation to follow


Banquet: Ski Lodge 2015!

How is it already Banquet time? The theme for this year’s Banquet was Ski Lodge 2015 and boy was it cool.

Highlights from the menu:

Hot Chocolate and Churros
Pigs in a Blanket

Main Courses:
Pasta Alfredo and Garlic Bread
Chicken Fritters
Chicken Milanesca with Tortillas, Green Tomatillo Sauce, and Pickled Onions – a Mexican specialty!

Side Dishes:
Black Bean & Coucous Salad
Caesar Salad

Warm Chocolate Pudding with Graham Crackers and Toasted Marshmallows

After Banquet, we divided into upper and lower camps and each group had their own Cabaret! Do we really have to leave on Saturday?


Home From Camp: A Warning (& Tips)!

The transition to “the real world” isn’t always easy for you and your campers. Here are some tips to help both of you make the transition as smooth as possible.

  1. Don’t take it personally.

Yes, they’ll be SO happy to see you. They’re also very, very sad.

They’re sad to leave camp! They’re sad to leave their friends! They’re sad to leave their counselors! They’re sad to leave their independence and camp persona! It’s okay (great actually)! It means you gave them the best gift ever!


  1. Remember they’re exhausted.

In the past week alone they’ve experienced Color Days, the play, song and cheer, a gymnastics show, banquet, packing and more. Over the past seven weeks they’ve been living with ten other people, hanging out with friends day and night, participating in activities from sun up to sun down. Enough said.

  1. Be patient.

It might take a few hours or a few days to be entirely “on.” They might even seem a little numb. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you or didn’t miss you. It doesn’t mean that they won’t open up and start gushing in a few days. Nothing is wrong. They just need time! Things that are normal: wanting to talk to their camp friends immediately, all-day, every day for a few days (yes, they just spent seven weeks with them – we know). Wanting to spend some time alone before jumping into the deep end of home life (think family gatherings, sporting events, play dates). Any combination of the above. Normal. Normal. Normal.

  1. Focus on small moments and questions.

Think about your two best friends who live far away.

Friend one: you pick up the phone no matter what, even if you only have a minute. Though it’s been months, you know she’ll cut right to the chase and start where things left off. Or not. Maybe you just answer a quick question, maybe you talk about who got the final rose- you can hang up when you need to. One word answers, longer answers, anything goes. No pressure.

Friend two: You love her. Really. You LOVE her as much as friend one. But you really only pick up when you have time to sit, totally focused, for an hour-long catch-up. So, no. You don’t always pick up. Because you’re at work, or you’re making dinner, or you’re about to get the kids ready for bed, or you just don’t feel like telling your life story. That. Sounds. Exhausting.

The moral? Be friend one. You’ll learn more! She’ll start talking!

Good questions:
What was this morning like?
Which choice activity was the best?
Who was the goofiest counselor in your bunk?

Less good questions/statements:
Tell me EVERYTHING about camp.
Can you explain your weekly schedule?
What were all of your counselors like?

Ask a few, manageable, lighthearted questions every hour on that first day. You’ll open up that can of worms without having to pry, without overwhelming your fresh-off-the-bus camper.

  1. Give them wings.

At camp they were the most independent versions of themselves and they’re still basking in the glow of those camp freedoms. Advocating for themselves, making independent choices— it’s why you sent them to camp! Think about how you felt the first time you came home from college. It was a little weird! Think about small liberties you can introduce to reinforce your camper’s summer growth. If you have an eight-year-old who didn’t make his or her bed before camp, encourage him or her to make the bed at home (even if it isn’t as beautiful as you’d like). Though seemingly a “chore,” having your camper do things for him or herself at home will continue the summer’s momentum and make him or her feel happy and confident. And isn’t that what this whole camp thing was about from the start?

Oh, The Places We Go!

As we settle into our last week (pause for whimpers), we keep the excitement coming. Our Hi Seniors went to Costa’s Family Fun Park today, while our Seniors are looking forward to a RailRiders game tonight. It’s the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders vs. the Pawtucket Red Sox. Go RailRiders! Our Juniors had a great time on their trip to a blueberry farm today and that’s not just because they got to have ice cream afterwards! Our CAs and international campers are looking forward to their trip to NYC tomorrow. Back at camp, we sent out our final laundry load of the summer and continued league playoffs.


We can’t believe we’re days away from the Candlelight Ceremony and Banquet. Tomorrow we will post some helpful tips for easing the transition to your camper being home. It’s a big change for both of you!

Welcome to the Club!

After an incredibly close Color Days, we’re back to PFC united as one! We had a much needed late sleep and bunk Chestnut had “Breakfast with Borowsky,” something they won on Visiting Day for having the cleanest bunk. They enjoyed baked goods and egg and cheese sandwiches on toasted bagels in boys office which sounds like the perfect post-Color Days meal to us! The whole camp had an open choice period and a day full of league playoffs.

After lunch, we had our annual Old Timers Club (OTC) party! Any camper or counselor who has attended PFC for three years or more is officially a member. We celebrate with a cheerfest and ice cream party and today’s party was a blast! At the end, everyone received the much anticipated Old Timers gift which was a PFC mason jar cup. Cool!

A big highlight for tonight is the all girls dance party. The theme is “twinning” and they are twinning with their big/little sisters. We can’t wait to see their looks!



Color Days 2015: Day Two!

Have you been following the excitement online? In case you missed it, the boys’ ‘A’ Game went into overtime! Blue and Gold are now neck-in-neck!

11705779_10207764432572023_5486966647671973265_oDon’t forget to check back tonight for LIVE updates during the the girls’ ‘A’ Game! You can even submit shout outs for us to read during the game! No better way to spend your Saturday night.