When I got home from camp, I…

(In no particular order)

– I ate bacon. Real bacon.

– Enjoyed the air conditioning.

– Took a long shower.

– Sat on the couch.

– Got bored.

Take me back to camp.

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Until Next Time

The trouble with camp is that camp ends.

The buses pull out this morning.

In an instant, camp is silent.

But the air will be filled with happy memories. Pine Forest’s 84th summer has come to a close and it was one of the best ever.

Thank you campers and counselors,  housekeeping and maintenance, nurses and doctors and office staff,  one and all,  for making it such a tremendous season.

And now it’s back to home and school. But everyone who shared this wonderful summer comes home a little different. A little better.

Keep the spirit of PFC 2014 alive all year long.

Remember Pine Forest is more than a place in Greeley Pa., it’s a place in our hearts.

Goodbye Greeley. Hello World!

It seems like just yesterday that the buses pulled into camp and now they
are leaving.

But so much has changed; there are friendships made, challenges met,
adventures shared.

We are stronger, happier, more confident and independent. We’re ready for
whatever comes our way. Get ready parents, we’re coming home!


The Candlelight Ceremony

Like a shooting star. Like a spark at a camp fire. Like the flicker of a candle. Pine Forest Camp’s 84th season  is almost over.

It’s a chilly night tonight. And as dusk fell, if you looked up at the tree tops  rustling  in the breeze, you could see a red or gold leaf fall to the ground, the first signs of Autumn. It’s time to go home.

We gather together one last time until we return for PFC’s 85th summer, sharing the warmth of friendship. This magical place seems so far from the rest of the world, like we’re in some faraway kingdom of goodness and happiness.

Arm in arm, we sing for the last time this year, “Friends, friends, friends  we will always be…”

Let it be so.


Packed Up

  Mountain Baggage, R& B, UPS, FEDEX, Parent Pick-up. Like the song says,
“all our bags are packed we’re ready to go.”.

  Today we pack up, have our awards ceremonies and tonight it’s the
candlelight.  It feels like we just arrived.

  But we’re coming home with so much more than we can pack in a bag; new
friends, new adventures, new  confidence.   There isn’t a duffel bag or
shipping company big enough to handle it.

Those are the things that we carry.


Goodbye, For Now.

Written by our own camp parent –

They’re getting ready to leave camp.  Yes, it’s sad but true.  Although they’re physically leaving Greeley, camp stays within a child all year.  I think that’s part of the magic.  It’s 7 weeks in camp, then 10 months re-living all the amazing times.  The memories grow…In their hearts and minds, within their stories and in phone calls, texts and get-togethers that will occur throughout the school year.

Once you go to camp, it’s just in you.  Wherever you go, whatever you do, thoughts drift back to Greeley.  Again, all part of the magic. And our kids now “get it.”

It can be a hard transition back to the “real world”…The house can look small, smell unfamiliar and the notion of where ‘IS’ everyone may fill their minds.  “Campsick” they call it.  It’s a real thing.  So, I’ll try to tread lightly…Not to bombard my kids with kisses, hugs and a million questions!  It won’t be easy but I remember that feeling for myself like it was yesterday.

As the cliche goes, “all good things must come to an end.”  But, with camp living on all year within every camper, it’s not nearly the end.  It’s been an incredible summer.  Thank you Pine Forest for enriching my children in ways I never can.  For keeping them happy and safe.  For encouraging them, teaching them and being there for them  24/7.  And, mostly, for giving them memories and friends that will last a lifetime, which will help to get them through the next 10 months until next summer.

Let the countdown to June 2015 begin…

– Hillary Slovin