PFC Mud Run 2014!

Are you afraid of the mud? Not us.

Bunk by bunk, PFC campers made their way throughout camp, conquering various obstacles. Some muddy, some not, made by our maintenance staff and overseen by the athletic staff! The girls really seemed to embrace the mud and the boys followed in their footsteps, literally. Instead of a finish line, a sprinkler awaited everyone’s last steps as well as a PFC Mud Run bandana! Yellow for the girls and blue for the boys. Those could come in handy soon. Blue. Gold. Gold. Blue. 1-2-3-4. We. Want….COLOR WAR!

It’s muddy days like this when we kinda wish we still had shower houses. Sort of, but not really. Thankfully, laundry goes out tomorrow.

It’s not the Dead Sea, but this mud packs a punch!







The Places You’ll Go, Revisited!

The places you’ll go, the things that you’ll do

It’s better at camp and nothing’s more true.

Don’t get us wrong, the trips were great, really…

But nothing compares to the summers in Greeley.

Welcome Back Seniors, Hi Seniors and CA’s



Lower Camp Rules!

We got rid of those Seniors and Hi Seniors on their trips this morning
and camp is all ours! It’s “Gold Rush” (hidden pieces of gold thoughout
camp)  all morning and “Capture the Assagi” (kind of like capture the flag
but more complicated) all afternoon. These all- camp games are followed by
a beach day on Lake Wallenpaupack and then a Triple A baseball game. Why
can’t camp be like this every day?! Who needs those older campers?!photo-44

PFC on Tour!

Good bye High Seniors!! Off they left, mighty early for our sleepy-eyed oldest campers.  Heading to Montreal, Canada and Boston Mass. they hopped on the bus with pillows in tow. And CA’s departed for their  New England College tour.  8th grade Seniors now rule at PFC at least for another day until they take off to Vermont and the Adirondacks. It’s  PFC on the move!! Look out world, here we come!!

Our Leaders!

The PFC staff is excited to meet all visitors this weekend! Here’s a list of our key leaders at Pine Forest this summer. Please make sure to say ‘hello’ on Saturday!

Andy Borowsky – Boys Head Counselor 

Andy B. is a 4th grade teacher in Princeton, NJ and an ice hockey coach. Ask him about his after school program, ‘sockey’…!

Jody Newman – Girls Head Counselor 

Jody is a camp person through and through. She’s excited to see all the parents and grandparents this weekend!

Brennan Yerman – Jr. Boys Division Leader (2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade)

Former camper turned counselor turned division leader, Brennan is excited to be working with the Jr. Boys this summer. He’s a masterful frisbee player!

Joshua Leopold – Inter Boys Division Leader (5th & 6th Grade)

He’s a basketball player, gym teacher and grew up here at PFC. Mom, Dad…You gotta meet this guy!

Zach Gelb – Senior Boys Division Leader (7th & 8th Grade)

Former camper, aspiring sports talk radio sensation and all-around camp guy, Zach Gelb is the man when it comes to the Senior Boys!

Robert Hoepfl – Hi Senior Boys Division Leader (9th & 10th Grade)

Coming to us all the way from Oregon, Robert is a leader on and off the basketball court. Teacher, basketball coach, all around great guy…PFC presents, Robert Hoepfl!

Lori Goldstein – Junior Girls Division Leader (3rd & 4th Grade)

A preschool teacher and mom in the off-season, our Jr. Girls LOVE Lori and we do too! You gotta meet her!

Jessica Temple – Inter Girls Division Leader (5th & 6th Grade)

Actress, dancer, teacher, but most of all, awesome division leader, Jess Temple is excited for her first visiting day!!

Jacqueline Parshook – Senior Girls Division Leader (7th & 8th Grade)

Former PFC dance instructor turned division leader, Jacqueline P. is a graduate teaching assistant back home in Florida.

Amy Klimkowski – Hi Senior Girls Division Leader (9th & 10th Grade)

Where do we begin? Hailing from Chicago where she’s a teacher, Amy K. got her start at the lake and made her way up the lake trail to the Hi Senior Girls! Glad she made the trek because, she’s awesome!

Tully Wagner – CA Boys Leader (11th Grade)

Counselor, turned division leader, turned CA leader, Tully is a teacher and varsity basketball coach back home in Oregon. Little known fact: Tully is a chess champion!

Christie Nelson – CA Girls Leader (11th Grade)

Former head of lake, head of pool and all-around great camp person, Christie is excited to be back at PFC this summer working with the CA girls!

Jess Chadwin – Program Director 

Middle school teacher, lacrosse coach, and Ms. PFC, Jess oversees our schedule here at camp: from overnights to athletics, Jess never misses an opportunity to dress up in costume!

Steve ‘Chad’ Chadwin – Athletic Director 



Kobe and Kopec say, ‘Play Chess’!

Today Pine Forest campers learned from the best. Visiting world
renowned chess champion Danny Kopec arrived to teach beginning to advanced
players. (We have some campers who do play competitively).
     A professor and former chess camp director, Danny is considered one
of the most talented home-bred players in the US. Dr. Kopec was New York
High School Champion at 14, National Master at 17, Scottish Champion in
1980, 2nd-equal in the Canadian Closed in 1984, and International Master
in 1985. When he was 15 he invented what has become an internationally
recognized anti-Sicilian weapon known as The Kopec System.

“These young guys are playing checkers. I’m out there playing chess.”
-Kobe Bryant



Whole Lotta Love!

Visiting Day is fast approaching! You’ve got your lists, you’re checking them twice, but remember, the most important thing you can bring your camper is a whole lotta love.

Visiting Day is short and sweet. Truth is, campers are ready to get on to the next activity. Camp only gets better!

MTV Night, Color War, Sr/HiSr Trips, 5K, Mud Run, USTA Tennis Invitational, Powder Puff Football, Zeusical The Musical, Pine Fest, the list goes on!

Here are some tips…Remember to walk, not run!

Visiting Day Rules

– No pets. 
– No nuts. You know why.
– Not too much food. We love friends, but not the furry kind in the bunks.
– No counselor gratuities. A handshake and a good ol’ fashioned ‘Thank You’ goes a long way.
– No bunk gifts. Campers have enough gear, no need to buy more stuff!
– Camper cell phones will not be returned on Visiting Day. Sorry, they’ll get them on the buses home.
– Dining Room will not open until 11:30am on Visiting Day. No reservations. The Dining Hall is not listed on

What you can bring!

– Love
– Smiles
– Sunshine
– A taste of Grandmom’s homemade apple cake.

Looking forward to seeing everyone “Up where the Sky Begins” at Pine Forest Camp!